4.8-inch Sony Xperia C670x with Snapdragon 600 processor leaked

4.8-inch Sony Xperia C670x with Snapdragon 600 processor leaked



After viewing our intensive reports on the gadgets released on the MWC2013, now its time to look for something new. Xperiablog has leaked yet another cool news from Sony called the C670x which is said to have similar tech specs with the Xperia Z but with a newer processor – Snapdragon 600 processor (1.8GHz quad core processor & Adreno 320 graphics) which is faster than the one currently on Xperia Z’s 1.5GHz quad-core processor. So I don’t agree with people saying that this is the brother of Z, it is another advanced Z. ‘

C670x has a smaller screen though, it reduces from 5-inch to 4.8-inch (0.2-inch smaller). To be honest, it looks almost the same between these two screen sizes under 1920 x 1080 resolution. This advanced Xperia Z has also 2 GB RAM, 13 mega pixel Exmor RS camera, and 32 Internal Storage. It will be running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. (At this moment we are not sure when it will be released but if it does roll out later this year it might have Android 5.0 too.) Though it is expected to ship in Summer 2013. It seems all phone makers are switching to or moving forward with Qualcomm Processors, does that mean the current models won’t last long?

As spoken, the photo given above is not real. It is just a mock up made by Xperiablog and folks based on the common perception of Sony’s latest phones’ design. However, with almost the same tech specs in this phone will they look alike and share the water-proof features. We don’t have clues yet, but do stay tuned!

Source: xperiablog

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