Clash of Clans Game Review and Strategy

Clash of Clans Game Review and Strategy

Clash of Clans Menu

Clash of Clans is a combat strategy game. It’s one of the top grossing app games on the app store for iPhone and iPad. The game is free to play but you can use real cash to buy resources or gems that can be used to speed up construction and boost production rate. This game has player vs player elements and a campaign mode where you will attack npc goblins. However, the ultimate goal of the game is to fight against other players and join or make clans to battle to the top ranks on the leaderboard.

You begin the game with a village, some resources, 500 free gems, and a shield lasting a few days that protects you from players attacking your village. The resources in the game are gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Gold is used to upgrade buildings, walls, and traps. Elixir is used to upgrade army related building units. Dark elixir is used to upgrade champions and buy certain traps. At this point you should decide on how you want to play the game.

If you went to play aggressively then it is a good idea to focus mainly on upgrading your army and keeping upgrades on your resources at a minimum. Upgrades on buildings give you experience resulting in higher player levels. The idea of only upgrading your offensive abilities is so you will usually deal with weaker players when you attack clans.

Another playing method is to be defensive by building up your resource production facilities and defensive buildings. Use up your resources as soon as possible so other players won’t have the chance to loot you. Building walls does not contribute to your level so it is a good idea to always level these up first in the early stage of the game as a farmer. Of course you can take the middle ground and be both offensive and defensive.

Clash of Clans Defense Home

The image above is my village. As you can see I am mainly a defensive player but I have a lot of offense as well. How you organize your village will determine how much effort another clan will have to put into destroying your village and looting your resources. I typically keep my resources as low as possible so other players won’t find it worth it to attack me if all they want is to loot me. Additionally, I keep my town hall unprotected because if it is destroyed I automatically get a shield to protect my village for about 10 hours. The shield will protect you but you cannot attack other villages without getting rid of your shield.

Clash of Clans Attack

This is an image capturing the moments my army is demolishing another village. Those flimsy wooden walls cannot stop my champion and small horde of barbarians. Of course I could have used more soldiers but that amount was sufficient for domination. You can also see that after destroying more than 50% of the village; the player obtained a 12 hour shield that would keep other players from attacking the village. Overall, this is a fun game where you can build up your village and demolish other player’s villages. Best of all it is free so give it a try if you’re bored.

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