Samsung At It Again: Ripping Off Apple, Fragmenting Android.

Samsung At It Again: Ripping Off Apple, Fragmenting Android.

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Samsung is notorious for three major things in their mobile devices: taking a little too much inspiration from Apple, creating duplicate functionality in their apps, and selling insanely popular phones.

This trend continues even today. Samsung just announced their new Wallet app which is basically an Android clone of Apple’s Passbook on iOS. Users get all the neat benefits of Apple’s offering, such as location based notifications and holding boarding passes and credit / rewards cards on your phone. They also get the added functionality that comes with Android devices, such as NFC.

While this is inherently a great app, their execution is terrible as always. It’s fixed to push them right away from the great green robot that gave them their big break and right in to another fruit based lawsuit. Google is still working on their own wallet iteration, which promises to offer more options for rewards cards and boarding passes and things like that. It will be baked right in to Android. Even if it doesn’t ship on Galaxy devices, the US carriers have their own Isis wallet application they would rather push instead. Samsung’s offering really ads functionality at the cost of fragmentation. They’ve done this before too. Their chat apps and app stores duplicate functionality that already exists. Do we need 3 apps that do roughly the same thing? Yes? Oh ok my mistake.

Furthermore, this is another blatant rip off of an Apple feature. The’ve been in trouble with Apple since the very beginning. In fact, Every design change they’ve made has typically been as a result of an Apple suit. I’m not saying every suit Apple files has been legitimate (Galaxy Nexus anybody?) but some are, and its a big problem with Samsung. They seem completely incapable of making anything using their own creativity. Even the logo on their wallet app looks dangerously similar to the passbook one.



I mean it’s different enough, but it doesn’t take an idiot to see where the inspiration came from. This goes double if you actually consider the functionality of the app.

In a perfect world, Samsung would contribute to the Android project and help develop the apps that are lacking. I’ll be the first to admit the Samsung offerings improve upon the google ones, but since you’re running ANDROID, users are going to see their devices clogged with multiple apps doing the same thing.

Samsung has really been pushing to be their own Galaxy ecosystem lately, moving further and further away from Android. I’d like to feed them some humble pie. Without Google and Apple, they would still be selling cheap Bada phones. Remember bada? Neither does anybody else.

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