New Data From Studies Show How People Break Their Phones!

New Data From Studies Show How People Break Their Phones!

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We’ve all been there. You’re amazing phone is your baby but OH NO some freak of nature accident happens. Your phone is destroyed. RIP phone…oh well let’s go buy a new one.

Phone accidents are costly and incredibly inconvenient but they happen to the best of us. The smart guys over at released this awesome infographic with some of the most common ways to break a phone, as well as some interesting statistics about phone accidents.

According to our source, the infographic was inspired by the appearance of the Sony Xperia Z at MWC. The Xperia, in case you’ve forgotten, is supposed to be incredibly durable and water proof. The Phones4u infographic shows that the most durable phone used across most people was the classic Nokia 3310. As a previous owner of the 3310, I can say this phone was invincible. I dropped it off a 3 story balcony on to concrete and it worked after swapping the shell. My dad dropped his in to buckets of flooring adhesive numerous times. Despite the buttons sticking a bit, the phone always continued to work.

Anyways the infographic is below for your education and amusement Thanks to Lee Podmore from for the link.

Smartphone Disasters infographic from Phones 4u
Infographic created by Phones 4u. To avoid your own Smartphone Disasters, get the new Xperia Z at Phones 4u, Sony’s perfect combination of design and durability.

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