ASUS Padfone alternative: i-Mate Windows 8 concept phone announced at MWC2013

ASUS Padfone alternative: i-Mate Windows 8 concept phone announced at MWC2013


There are not many phones currently running on windows phone 8 except Nokia. But in fact, there are phone makers that bypasses Windows Phone 8 and uses Windows 8 as a mobile platform. Here it is – i-Mate, a phone that can power up tablet and Desktop computer through docking with different accessories.

i-Mate is a “Windows 8″ phone with a 4.7-inch display (same screen size as the HTC One). It runs on intel atom platform, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage. It supports HSPA+ and LTE networks. It has similar design concepts as the ASUS PadFone, but i-Mate seems to he more advanced. i-Mate can be attached to “hub” which is a telephone-shaped dock that lets you pick up calls like a desktop phone. The “hub” also bridges and synchronize the screen with display monitors and connects with mouse and keyboard. By connecting these devices, your phone becomes a desktop computer that runs on windows 8. The price of the phone itself is roughly $750 USD and the hub is $1600 USD. It is kind of expensive for entry level users. In addition, they also have a 10.1-inch tablet that reads the “hub”‘s data through wireless network. No price information is revealed at the moment.

As this phone and the hub is still a concept design. No information regarding its launch and price is released. But stay tuned.


Source: Seattletimes

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