Andy Rubin Confirms Google Not Opening Retail Stores.

Andy Rubin Confirms Google Not Opening Retail Stores.

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You heard it folks, straight from the horses mouth. There will never be a Google store in your mall.

Google exec Andy Rubin explicitly stated today that Google will NOT be creating brick and mortar stores for Google flagship brands. He stated that the Nexus line (and probably the ChromeOS lineup) are not in a position that warrants an entire store to them. Google is still extremely dedicated to an online distribution model through the Play store, and there might be outposts inside other stores showcasing Google branded devices, but they will not have a store to call their own.

While I still think a Google branded store would be a good idea, I see where they are coming from. This addresses some of my concerns in the previous post, namely lack of devices. If they did have a Google store, there would be a lot of empty space or non-Google branded accessories AND / OR carrier and OEM branded devices. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but with stores like best buy and radio shack in large quantities elsewhere this Google store seems like a waste of space.

Someday I would like to see a Google store though. They have the product base to start thinking about it, especially since there really isn’t many locations people can go to actually handle and experience a Nexus device before purchase. I think I’ve seen one chromebook at my local best buy too. If they aren’t going to push their own store, they need to expand their retail availability.

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