Why Samsung isn’t working on Firefox OS? (Firefox OS vs Tizen)

Why Samsung isn’t working on Firefox OS? (Firefox OS vs Tizen)


Huawei and ZTE, the rising phone makers in China with other famous brands like LG and TCL have confirmed their phones with Firefox OS will be shipped later this year. Wait, someone is missing! It is Samsung, the largest rival phone maker of Apple. It seems to me that Samsung shows no interest in making phones for Firefox OS, despite they have developed phones for non-mainstream OS like Windows Phone 8 (ATIVs). So what’s the reason behind Samsung rejecting Firefox OS?

According to CNET, Samsung plans to launch their home made operating system Tizen in July or August with another flagship smartphone.

The bada OS used widely on previous models of samsung before flagging the smartphone industry is about to retire. Now, the Tizen OS is an open operating system that can be customized to better directly serve its subscribers from the carriers’ perspective. It is based on Linux and enhanced HTML 5. So that makes Samsung wanting to depart from over reliance on Google and its Android OS. Because it isn’t sustainable for Samsung, the world’s number one phone maker to be relying almost everything on google. Samsung executive said they maintained very good relationship and mutual respect with google.


This is what Tizen might look like
image source: slash gear

At the moment, Tizen OS is in development but its almost time for harvesting. While Samsung is working hard on developing and marketing their next generation exclusive OS, they surely won’t have the interest in undertaking Firefox in their upcoming phones, not to mention Firefox OS is the competitor of their Tizen OS which are both OSs that are to shake the smartphone industry later this year.

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