LG introduced Optimus F5, F7 at MWC2013

LG introduced Optimus F5, F7 at MWC2013


The 4G LTE enabled devices are quite pricey nowadays to be honest. LG is now offering a new options for mid-range 4G LTE Android smartphones called Optimus F5 and Optimus F7 for wider range of customers. They have also put Qslide and Live Zooming from Optimus G to these two devices.

LG CEO said in the event that they would like to make 4G LTE more popular by having these two devices infiltrating the market. Optimus F5 comes with a 1.2 GHz duo core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage (supports maximum 32GB microSD card), 4.3-inch IPS (256ppi), 5 mega pixel rear camera, 1.3 mega pixel front camera and a 2150 mAh battery. Having the same android 4.1.2 system as F5, F7 is powered with a 1.5 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 8GB storage (32GB maximum storage with microSD card), ;.7-inch true HD, 8 mega pixel camera and 1.3 mega pixel front camera and a 2540 mAh battery.

Jong-seok Park said in the event:

with adoption of LTE expected to explode in 2013, we are sending a clear message to consumers with Optimus F Series that LTE isn’t just for heavy content users and techies anymore

True LTE is getting popular and commonly accepted. The thing is, despite the fact that LTE can be adopted by non-heavy use models, how the technical specification can meet with the demanding battery and processor requirements of LTE? Battery performance, especially, is falling behind the technology right now. Having LTE popularized isn’t a matter, but users need to have a capable phone to use it. LG and other firms should really think about this. Pursuing LTE is great, but hardware is lagging behind.


Image source: slashgear

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