LG Buys WebOS From HP For Use In Smart TVs, Not Phones.

LG Buys WebOS From HP For Use In Smart TVs, Not Phones.



From one two-lettered company to another. RIP WebOS, we knew ye well.

New reports are stating that HP has just sold WebOS, it’s code, it’s brand, and it’s employees to LG. LG is reportedly going to use the code to develop a more user friendly Smart TV. They haven’t necessarily ruled out mobile devices, but their focus is definitely on television.

The news comes shortly after HP announced their new line of Android tablets yesterday. If you don’t remember, HP purchased the struggling Palm and proceeded to reanimate WebOS and kill it off shortly after without really doing much with it. HP showed that they were simply more invested in Windows devices at the time, and now they have added Android to that line up.

While there is still a future for the underdog platform, it’s a long way from what it aspired to be when it was released. Come whatever may, we’ll never forget that pebble phone that tried so hard to be your one and only.

Palm Pre


You’re downloading apps and switching cards in heaven now, buddy.

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