Asus Fonepad – A Literal Phablet With An Affordable Price Tag

Asus Fonepad – A Literal Phablet With An Affordable Price Tag



That’s it! Asus just won the Phablet wars. Let’s go back to sub 4 inch phones please.

Asus shocked pretty much everybody today when they unveiled their Fonepad. This is NOT to be confused with the PadFone. The Padfone is a phone that docks with a tablet. The Fonepad is just a tablet sized phone.

People, including myself, have been complaining recently about the SIZES OF PHONES. In fact, I believe I said something in one of my articles regarding this.

Are phones just going to keep increasing in size exponentially until everyone walking down the street is holding a 10 inch tablet to their face?

Asus answered this question with a resounding “YES” . Oh dear.

The phone…tablet…whatever. The device will be come powered by a new dual core intel processor, 7 inch display at 1280×800, 1GB RAM, 3mpx rear camera, 1.2 mpx front camera, 9 hour battery, microSD slot, 3G voice and data radios, and 8 or 16GB of storage.

What’s pretty neat about this is the fact that the device will start at a very reasonable $250. This is much cheaper than comparable phablets, but no word yet if this is the contract price or the standalone price.

I really hope this phablet craze ends soon, but at least Asus does it with style.

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