Nokia Lumia 520 Is Incredibly Cheap In Price, But Does It Matter?

Nokia Lumia 520 Is Incredibly Cheap In Price, But Does It Matter?

Nokia Lumia 520



Well I guess the race to the bottom isn’t just being run by Google. Nokia just stepped their game up…er down.

The newly announced Lumia 520 is currently the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device. This fills the void left by its predecessor, the 510.

The phone will run rather low end specs with a 4 inch 800 x 480 screen, 512 MB RAM, and 8GB of internal Storage with a MicroSD port for additional memory. The phone will only have a rear facing 5mpx camera but the price point is set to justify all the technical omissions.

While the 520 may not have fancy front cameras, NFC, or wireless charging, it’s only going to cost you $183 (139 euros). That is VERY VERY INEXPENSIVE! Nokia is clearly marketing this to developing markets without a need for wireless charging or NFC, but this might even bee a good phone to buy and keep as a spare.

There hasn’t been any footage of how Windows Phone’s OS runs on the device but knowing microsoft, it will run just fine. Keep an eye out for the phone on T-Mobile in the US later this year.

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