Huawei Ascend P2 claimed to be the fastest smartphone in the world (MWC2013)

Huawei Ascend P2 claimed to be the fastest smartphone in the world (MWC2013)


Huawei just announced their latest flagship smartphone called the Ascend P2. What do they mean by fastest? The Ascend P2 supports LTE Cat 4 which has a 150mbps download speed. It is said to be faster than 4G LTE which is widely used by current smartphones like iPhone 5, galaxy note and s3 LTE. The LTE Cat 4 is 50mbps faster than the 4G LTE. Even for the download speed, the Ascend P2 is “faster” than others by a comparison of 520 Kbps and 240 Kbps.

MAKE it POSSIBLE is the promotional slogan for Huawei this year.

The Ascend 2 has a curved rear case. The shape is more elegant compared to their previous model and apparently this time they are targeting at consumers looking for performance and shape of the smartphone. The Ascend is 8.4mm thick, well, being the fastest this phone fails to be the thinnest (iPhone 5 7.7mm). CEO of Huawei said the thicker phone is caused by the 13 mega pixel camera. The camera has a BSI 3 light sensor and supports enhanced HDR image capture and movie recording. This camera also has a built in 2X Zoom Super Resolution which is an optimized digital. There’s a dedicated camera key (physical one) on the phone so you don’t need to tap on the virtual shutter on the screen we you take pictures. The Ascend 2 is also NFC enabled.

By the way, The Ascend 2 is the first smartphone to have adopted HD In-cell technology, this 4.7-inch display can make the smartphone thinner. Moreover, the HD In-cell display is more energy efficient. The display is a 720p one but CEO of Huawei said this is the maximum visibility of human eye balls. (Believe it or not). You can also use your gloves when you use your Ascend P2 because it also has the PureMotion+ equalivalent technology called Magic Touch.

For battery performance, the Ascend will apply the Huawei- patented QPC + ADRX battery management technology that helps you save 30% more battery by automatically adjusting the signal receiver. The battery itself supports 2A quick charging which cost 25% less charging time.


The Ascend is available in two colors, black and white. The black model has a Matt back cover and the white model has a crystal clear back cover.

There are other cool functions in the phone which includes Smart Reading (directly define the words through Wikipedia, translate…etc by selecting the word), emotion UI (basically the home screen user interface), Phone Manager (it includes permission manager for third party softwares, start up manager to block some start up Apps, traffic manager to monitor network traffic and power manager for your battery), themes manager, cloud+ (for backup, phone finding, synchronization…etc) and air sharing (like airplay of IOS).

The Ascend P2 will ship in Q2 2013 and the street price in Europe is €399.

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