AMD Turbo Dock Will improve tablets performance by 40% (MWC2013)

AMD Turbo Dock Will improve tablets performance by 40% (MWC2013)


Windows 8 leads the way to hybrid devices like the RT, HP envy 2 …etc. in which users have a tablet device that is capable of connecting to a desperate keyboard for charging and typing. AMD is looking at something new called Turbo Dock. The turbo dock is applied to Hybrid PCs. When you plug the tablet into the dock, its CPU and GPU performance will be enhanced by 40%.

Ten ash is AMD’s latest super energy efficient mobile devices processor (duo core or quad core versions available). This APU product has a Radeon Display Core, its 3D image processing is 5 times faster then Intel atom (supports 1080p,HDMI output, directX 11). After plugging in the tablet to the dock , additional power will automatically be switched to the built-in APU for a full throttle. This monster works with Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets.

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