XBox 720 Being Launched / Released In April!

XBox 720 Being Launched / Released In April!

Xbox 720


Well Sony wanted to be first to announce, and they got their wish. I hope they’re ready for what’s next, because they saw what happened to the Wii U when Nintendo tried this.

New rumors are swirling around that Microsoft is planning it’s Xbox announcement / release event for April. They have time to beef up their next gen console to compete with the Sony offering before committing to any design or specs. These types of industries always have a “no you go first” situation when releasing new content, and usually the one who goes last wins. If they don’t win, they at least successfully stop purchases for competitors until they release their own items.

Microsoft has another 2 months to seriously make the 720 (or whatever it’s name will be) in to a complete beast of a console. I hope they’re working hard. It may not take much to best the PS4, but there’s still a lot of unknowns about Sony’s offering. They could have a few tricks up their sleeves.

See all you gaming folk in April!

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