txtot helps you schedule and send your text message on time – iOS review

txtot helps you schedule and send your text message on time – iOS review

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Sometimes your girlfriend, relatives, friends or even colleagues may ask you to remind them of something at a specific time. Well, you know we all make mistakes, it is not difficult to forget what others asked us to do, especially reminding others of something. Here’s a solution for people who always need to send a text message on time – Txtot – which is Text On Time. I know the icon of txtot looks like WhatsApp but they don’t share the same company. txtot helps you schedule and send your text message on time by setting timer on your iOS device. This app is only on App Store and it would come to Android anytime later.



The above pictures show the user interface of txtot. It is a very simple and user friendly interface. You just need to tap on the New message on the top right hand corner and you can start writhing your message just like what you usually do on the iMessage. After typing in your message and the contacts you want to text, you will need to set a timer and then click “Send”. You are all set, just wait till the time comes. your message will pop up on the screen of your recipients.



The only problem I have with this messaging app is that it only reminds you to text, but not helping you to send the message. Also if you are users of LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, sorry this is not for you. iOS is a closed system, you can’t input data into another app with this app. I think Android does this similar things better because it can directly send the message by text, LINE or WhatsApp. Therefore, basically, you can only send text message (SMS) to your counterparts with txtot but you can’t send message with a timer on LINE or WhatsApp, messaging apps that rely on the cellular network. Aside this problem on iOS, which I think is not the fault of the developer but Apple, this App is cool and worth a try. It is Free for a limited time, go get it now!

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