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LINE adds new avatar game: LINE Play Review

LINE adds new avatar game: LINE Play Review


Naver LINE has never stopped their innovation and keeps pushing new games to the market to attract more potential customers agains WhatsApp, another traditional messaging app company. Indeed, LINE has captured a huge number of customers worldwide especially last month, when WhatsApp announced charging scheme on Android users. This time, LINE has released a cute social game that lets you create your own avatar and play with your friends. It is a simplified version of the Sims, where you need to take care of your character, buy him/her furnitures, bring him to food and drinks, water the plants and write diaries. This game is free too. We will give you a walkthrough of the initial steps in creating your avatar below.


First, you will need to choose the avatar type. There are three options, including boy, girl and animal. This is just like what LINE does in the stickers of the original LINE messaging App. Alright, I chose a boy and continued with my character customization.


What you need to do next is to select the face for your avatar. LINE is really smart, they add a camera into the facial selection and lets the camera and the app decide for you what your avatar will look like. I just took a photo of myself and they pop up with a similar face. You can edit the face if its too round or two square. And you can also put accessories like glasses, necklaces and shirts on your created avatar.


When you completed your avatar customisation, you will see your virtual house in the LINE Play App. outside the house there you find the options to go. You can go to your room, well as an initial stage of my gameplay, I don’t have much, but I also don’t mind letting you see how cute it is. So enjoy looking at my room (haha). You can also visit others’ home (friends’ or random guys’ house). I visited the LINE’s signature avatar (on the stickers), James’ house. Well, it is a very complete one, you can see you can have carpet, sofa, dinning table, statue, beds… etc in your house. If you are a gamer of Zombie Cafe or Restaurant City, you must love these cute furnitures.By the way, in the Lounge you will find a list of online chatrooms where you can socialize with people who have different interest or live in different countries.


Like I said you can buy furnitures with the Gems (you earn these gems by completing tasks and also in-app purchases) and place these furnitures around your house. The furnitures are cute and they come with many themes and styles. Choose your favourite and put it in your house. From time to time you may need to interact with the furnitures so as to fulfil the needs (such as bathing, sleep, pleasure, thirst, hunger) of your avatar. If you don’t have the required furniture, you might need to borrow others in their house. Just tap on the furniture and your avatar will have actions accordingly.

Simply put, LINE play is a social game that gives you an avatar and play like a cuter version of the Sims. We expect more to come from LINE! Download it today and create your avatar in LINE Play!

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