Google’s Chromebook Pixel Embraces Gaming’s Past With Konami Code Easter Egg

Google’s Chromebook Pixel Embraces Gaming’s Past With Konami Code Easter Egg

Chromebook Pixel


In my initial post about the Google Chromebook Pixel, I complemented Google on their intricate attention to detail on the device. It’s incredibly expensive and fairly underpowered, but the detail almost makes up for it. ALMOST.

Well the detail just keeps getting better. Keen eyed beta testers from around the web noticed a neat easter egg on the device. When the konami code is entered on the keyboard, the lightbar on the lid of the laptop does a nifty little light show. That’s it. Nothing fancy but its something clever that will really appeal to the generation of older gamers.

Chromebook Pixel Konami Code Easter Egg

If you don’t know what the konami code is, It was a button sequence that was used in older NES era games. If the player pressed up up down down left right left right b a start on the controller, they would often be given cheat options such as unlimited ammunition or invincibility in games.

While this trick isn’t enough to warrant 1300 dollars for a laptop, it shows that all of the developers and engineers that make up Google are also just like us. They’re all human beings. That’s pretty cool.

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