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Google Glass Glasses Patent

Google Planning Less Ugly Glass Models, Actual Glasses? Leaked Patent Says Yes!


Google Glass Glasses Patent


Love it or hate it, Glass is going to be the big thing of 2013. That being said, a lot of people tend to hate it aesthetically.

A new patent discovered shows that Google is planning on making Glass more….Normal. The current model is basically a half a pair of glasses that rests on your face and allows you to see updates and assorted other goodies through a single prism resting near your eyes.

While it doesn’t look TERRIBLE now, this really is a hindrance to people who wear ACTUAL GLASSES. This patent shows that Google is trying to compensate for that by integrating the Glass prism (where information is shown) directly in to the lenses of normal prescription glasses. All of the other features, such as the camera and controls, all are included on the side of the frame, just like in the current glass version.

Whether or not we see this in 2013, it’s good to know that they’re anticipating the needs of ALL users, not just the visually inclined population. This opens up the doors to all types of neat Glass models. Classy Ray-Ban version anybody?

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