PS4 vs XBOX 720 vs Wii U vs Steam Box vs Ouya vs the rest – Part 3: Which should I buy?

PS4 vs XBOX 720 vs Wii U vs Steam Box vs Ouya vs the rest – Part 3: Which should I buy?

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So I’ve given you a rundown of every console’s specs. I’ve also told you which ones excel in an analysis of important features. The only thing left to do is make a decision, and…well it’s still not easy.

This really comes down to a consideration of “what kind of gamer are you”. Hardcore gamers will obviously stay between PC, PS4, Xbox 720 and SteamBox. The casual gamers should stick with Ouya or iPads or Android tablets or whatever. The Wii U only really fills a niche market at this point.

After that, you need to consider the points made in part 2. Do you want compatibility? Do you want an ecosystem and social engagement? Do you want increasing power?

Lastly, there’s price. Gaming PC’s are EXPENSIVE, but are cheaper in the long run and provide more functionality. You can save up and buy parts separately but in order to get the full experience that you would get on one of the other consoles, I feel that you would need the whole package, which will range between 400 and 2000 dollars typically and you may have to put the parts together yourself. (Although I know deals and sales exist. For the sake of simplicity let’s ignore that for the moment). The PS4, Xbox and Steambox might be cheaper now, but you’ll have to pay to upgrade in a few years.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, here is my breakdown of who should buy what.

  • Hardcore gamers with lots of money up front and a lack of desire for social aspects should go for PC gaming
  • Hardcore gamers who want a ton of content with a gaming centric social experience should go PS4
  • Hardcore gamers who mainly game on PC but want something to play in the living room online with friends on different platforms should get a SteamBox
  • Hardcore to moderate gamers who plan to use their console for things other than gaming and want a real integrated experience should wait to hear more about the Xbox 720
  • Moderate to casual gamers who like gaming occasionally but don’t want to spend too much money on it should look in to the Ouya
  • Moderate to casual gamers who are willing to spend more money for Nintendo exclusives should look in to a Wii U
  • Casual gamers who already own iOS, Windows Phone, or Android devices should just stick with those devices and check out some games on the respective app stores

So there you have it. This is my thorough breakdown of what console is best for whom. Keep in mind, everybody is different. This may not even remotely apply to you. This was just a general breakdown of the pros and cons of each console / platform and who it would be best for based on those. I know I left things out, I’m not perfect. This is really only intended to be a jumping off point. Always do your own research and use your brain to make well considered decisions. Don’t believe everything you read blindly.

With that disclaimer, there’s nothing left to say. Game on, folks!

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