Google Chromebook Pixel Launched. Touchscreen, Amazing Resolution, Insanely High Price

Google Chromebook Pixel Launched. Touchscreen, Amazing Resolution, Insanely High Price

Chromebook Pixel


Well turns out the rumors were true. I posted something about this laptop a while back but I figured it might be false or the design might change. Nope. Exactly what it looks like. Meet the very macbook-esque Chromebook Pixel by Google.

This is the first Chromebook since the CR-48 beta that has been completely designed and produced by Google. It bears many similarities to that old beta unit, except this is more….silver and touchy.

The laptop comes with an amazing 2560 x 1700 touchscreen display giving it an odd 3:4 display resolution. Odd resolution aside, this thing is gorgeous and very responsive. Aside from the screen, the device will come with 32GB storage, an intel i5 dual core processor at 1.8ghz, 4Gb ram, 2 USB 2.0 ports, mini display port, headphone jack, SD card slot, blah blah blah standard laptop inclusions. It will launch with a WiFi only version with a Verizon LTE version to come later at a premium price.

The thing that’s really amazing about this laptop though is the attention to detail. The screen is made of gorilla glass making it harder to break than your old macbook pro units. The trackpad is coated in a soft touch type material that feels really extremely nice to use. On the lid of the laptop is a “Lightbar” which is just a series of LEDs which change color depending on system settings. I believe I read that it will glow red when the battery is dead, and glow blue when charging, and when you power up or down it will cycle through the google colors (more details here) Things like that really show the care of the design and their passion about the product.

However it’s not all rainbow lights and soft touching in pixel land. The device comes with a hefty price tag for a laptop that ONLY works with an internet connection. Granted you get decent specs, 1TB of google drive storage and that gorgeous screen, but those alone are not enough reason to drop this kind of money. A touch screen windows 8 laptop will be significantly less than this with higher specs and the ability to exist without a data connection. It seems a bit excessive.

In addition, the battery life clocks in at a paltry 5 hours. I really expected better from Google’s flagships to be honest.

Is it a good laptop? Of course. Do I want one? YES PLEASE! Am I going to buy one? Probably not. Google Glass is 1,500 bucks and is much more cutting edge than this laptop, which is close to the same price. I would get those before this. If the price dropped about 600 bucks, we would be talking. Until then, I’ll be sitting in the poor corner if you need me.

chromebook pixel

Source – Google Play

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