XiaoMi Phone 3rd Generation Leaked – Screen to be at least 5-inch

XiaoMi Phone 3rd Generation Leaked – Screen to be at least 5-inch



One of the signature smartphone brands in Mainland China, XiaoMi has great success mover the short period since its XiaoMi Phone first launched in China. The XiaoMi Phone was a phone that imitate the shape and look of iPhone. This XiaoMi phone runs on Android and it is ready to release its Third generation in the coming few months. Like the other big brands in China like ZTE, Huawei, the XiaoMi phone is looking at launching a 5-inch model this year and there are some leaked photos from the OEM factory of XiaoMi we found from SJBBS.Zol.com.cn. The first photo seems possible because it is using metallic rear cover and its quite a finished product. Judging from the photo the case indicates a close to 5.5-inch display will come with XiaoMi 3. Xiaomi might not look like this way because one of its major attraction was the affordable price. However, another batch of photos leaked on 19.2.2013 indicates that the XiaoMi 3 will have a flat rear case and it looks a lot bigger than the previous model, suggesting an above-5-inch display.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.48.33 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.49.13 PM


In terms of the hardware, rumours said the XiaoMi 3 will use the same display technology as Apple did for iPhone 5, the in-cell display technology provided by JDI. Speaking of the camera, XiaoMi will be equipped with a 13 mega pixel camera and it picture quality should reach the level of Full HD. According to the Chinese source, the Xiaomi 3 will make use of NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor is a 1.9GHz ULP GeForce GPU, its image processing is 6 times faster than the NVDIA Tegra 3, bringing us more outstanding gaming and multimedia performance.

XiaoMi 3 is expected to roll out in mid-2013. If you are interested, stay tuned and we will report news about XiaoMi as soon as possible.

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