The Drowning dumps virtual controller/keyboard

The Drowning dumps virtual controller/keyboard


Ben Cousins, one of the developers who participated in the BattleField series, is planning on releasing a new iOS FPS action game. Unlike many other action or First person shooter games on mobile devices, the The Drowning is one of the first games which dumps the virtual controller on the screen in order to bring greater visual impact to players.

Please watch how you play on The Drowning in the YouTube video below.

The developer thinks that virtual keyboards or controllers are not cool enough for FPS on a mobile device because it lacks the natural instinct. That’s why they switch to using finger gesture for controls instead of adding keys on the screen to obstruct the gaming experience. You only need two fingers to play with the Drowning.

From the YouTube clip you can see you can switch weapons, shoot, change your viewing angle, move smoothly with only two fingers.

Shoot: tap on the screen and shoot at the enemy
Adjust viewing angle: slide horizontally and adjust your angle
Move : tap on the desired place you want to go and you will get there
Switch weapons: just like how you enlarge photos on smartphones, use two fingers to slide on the phone

the end of the world is a beautiful thing

The Drowning will be released on iOS app store for iPhone and iPad shortly. It will be a Free game with in-game purchases available.

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