Sony Trolls Audience For 2 Hours. Doesn’t Actually Release PS4 Console

Sony Trolls Audience For 2 Hours. Doesn’t Actually Release PS4 Console

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Well that was disappointing.

Pretty much everything after my last post was game teasers. Everyone was getting really anxious at the end of the TWO HOUR EVENT, but then Sony played the perfect troll and ended the event. They simply said it would be released Holiday 2013. Great. No picture of the console, no pricing information, just a bunch of game trailers and some info about the system.

Needless to say the features they announced could prove to be very cool. The did a demo for a game called DriveClub where they integrated the game across a ton of devices, including the PS4, Vita, and Android devices. It’s definitely a great concept, and how Microsoft should have been pushing Xbox Live for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Surface.

The thing is that they have some good exclusives, but I don’t know if it’s enough to beat out the competition. They show that they’re dedicated to gaming but their new system is a glorified PC with a fancy controller. I suppose they’re waiting to see Microsoft’s offering before progressing (which I will address later today).

*Sigh* Well thanks for the blueballs, Sony. I guess its back to waiting for E3 to come around to see whether this thing can beat the new Xbox. I hope they do just to spite you for pulling this crap. 10/10 would rage again.

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