Sony Confirms PS4 To Use Physical Discs, Not Blocking Used Games

Sony Confirms PS4 To Use Physical Discs, Not Blocking Used Games

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Well after Sony pulled that stunt today, it’s good to finally get some good news regarding the system.

According to sources, Sony released a statement earlier this evening confirming two things – that the PS4 will use physical media and that it will not actively block used games from being played on the system.

The debate over used games is being heavily debated in the gaming industry, with many large development companies complaining it’s cutting their profits. A few months back, rumors began circulating that Sony and Microsoft would cave to these developers and block used games from being played on next gen consoles.

Sony stated that while heavily invested in it’s digital store, if users opt to purchase a physical copy of a game they will be allowed to play, loan, and resell the game as they wish.

Microsoft continues to remain silent on the issue, although signs are pointing to the fact that they may go ahead with a digital only platform. In addition, companies like EA might make their own resale blocking tactics aside from OEMs.

This could be a major selling point for the PlayStation 4. Gamers are always going to find ways to get the games they want with or without consent of the large companies. More to come as this develops.

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