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Mature content flooding top free applications on Google Play Store – Parental Controls on Google Play Store



As Smartphones and Tablets are getting more and more popular, more kids and children will have access to your tablets and phones. Some may even give iPads, Android tablets as gifts to children now. Some people now complain that Google Play Store has not been doing a good job on monitoring the increasing popularity of some mature applications on the top free applications page. These mature contents appear in the fitness category.

Apparently users won’t be separately warned if you are downloading a mature application when you are using Google Play. Apple’s App Store has a very strict reviewing mechanism that will block pull inappropriate apps on it.

If you want to have greater parental controls over the Playstore you can follow the guidelines below:

To setup content filtering for android apps, Go to Google Play > Menu > Settings > Content Filtering > Select the ratings



You can lock these parental control settings by setting a PIN code. You can also set a PIN for purchasing apps or movies etc. This works for any android tablet including Nexus 7, Samsung Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Note etc. Also works on any android phone including Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Motorola Droid, HTC One X etc.


Source: Tech Inspiration

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