The new 4.7 inch HTC One released. Hardware specifications and more

The new 4.7 inch HTC One released. Hardware specifications and more


HTC has been quite high profile this year leaking their flagship smartphone, the next generation of HTC One X, HTC One, which was called M7 before the official release. The HTC will ship late March (not sure if Hong Kong is one of the first batch of shipment)

HTC One is a 4.7-inch Full HD 1080p display smartphone. It’s pixel density reachs the 468ppi, equivalent to HD televisions. Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz quad core processor、2GB DRAM、32GB / 64GB internal storage、2,300mAh battery、NFC and supports 4G LTE networks.

In addition, there are more features included in the HTC One: HTC BoomSound、duo surround sound speakers、HDR recording、a sinplified Sense UI 5 user interface.


HTC Blinkfeed home page –
HTC learns from the brick wall of windows phone 8 and make a unique home page for HTC One. The Blinkfeed is a dynamic information home page that presents personalized feeds on the phone. HTC provides feeds from 1,400 media providers like ESPN, MTV, AOL, REUTERS…etc. Icons of Sina and Apple Daily in Hong Kong and Mainland China are also included in the HTC One announcement slideshow, hinting their presence in Hong Kong and China feeds.

HTC ultrapixel camera and HTC Zoe
The ultrapixel camera on HTC one will be equipped with a 300% more sensitive light sensor than any other smartphone. The improved light sensor will let users capture more outstanding picture when in low light environment like at night or indoor places. An advanced flashlight will be used on HTC one called Smart Flash. HTC claims the flashlight to be a level 5 one and it can determines the brightness according to the distance from objects.


The above photo shows a comparison of picture quality of HTC against other smartphone competitors. They said that HTC One upgrades the HTC imagechip in One X to imagechip in HTC One as their image processor.

Zoe is a feature that lets you edit photo albums. You can edit single photo and add soundtracks to the photo album.

Not only you can share your edited lively album on traditional social networking platforms like Facebook, but you can also share it on the HTC Zoe Share network.

HTC Boomsound –


This is the first time a smartphone get a surround sound speaker with a built-in amplifier. Of course HTC is with beats Audio in creating the lively audio performance on the HTC One. No matter what you are playing with YouTube, games like candy crush, you will also get a very good audio performance. It has a voice HDR recording function making use of the duo speakers and noise canceling techniques (sense voice), it improves the recording and phone calls voice reception.

HTC Sense TV –

It’s the HTC One’s interactive TV channel, with the ability to become a remote control for mainstream TVs TV boxes. Pooling cloud services into the HTC Sense, it makes things simpler to playback and search your favorite TV shows.

Metallic uni-body design –



HTC changed its material in use for making phones, adopting what iPhone is famous for. The HTC One is made with a metallic unibody.

Place order now and get your white or black HTC One in late march.

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