HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III & IV(?)

HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III & IV(?)


So the HTC One (M7) is finally out. Here we are going to compare three latest phones that are released by the three giants in the mobile smartphone industry. iPhone 5, HTC One and the leaked specification of Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Screen Size: 4.7-inch Full HD display
Speaking of the screen size, the rumored galaxy S IV will depart from the 4.7 inch branch and move forward to a 5-inch display. HTC One has the same size of screen as the Samsung galaxy S III but it improves from 720p to full HD 1080p. So definitely the HTC One has better screen resolution than the Galaxy S III but when you compare with S IV, you will get a bigger Full HD screen. iPhone 5 is left out of the big screen smartphones and its 4-inch 1136×640 is quite different from the others. However, the retina display offers a slightly better pixel density than others.

The processor – Qualcomm 600 1.7 GHz quad core Krait 200 and Adreno320 GPU.

At the moment before Samsung Galaxy S IV is out HTC One definitely has the fastest CPU of all. The 5-inch galaxy S IV is rumored to have a Exynos 5440 processor which would be 1.9 GHz dual core processor faster than the HTC One. Apple’s A6 processor looks behind the schedule now. In terms of the processor, HTC has surpassed the Galaxy S III despite both of them are quad core processors.

In regards to the RAM built in the devices, the HTC One has a 2GB RAM and iPhone 5 only has a 1GB RAM which makes the HTC much faster than iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III (also a 1GB RAM). But the rumored S IV will also feature a 2GB RAM that makes the completion even.

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III both have a 8 mega pixel camera without camera graphic processor. HTC One uses something different, a 0.3 inch UltraShape BSI and their unique image processor. Therefore, HTC has the best camera at the moment. We haven’t got information of the S IV’s camera info but it will also be expected to be a 12 mega pixel camera.

iPhone 5 is the thinnest (7.66 mm) device of all, yet HTC’s thickness(8.3mm) is close to Note II (8.4mm). We have no information about the shape of S IV yet.

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