New Google Nexus Phone Cameras To Be “Insanely Great”

New Google Nexus Phone Cameras To Be “Insanely Great”


Nexus phones from Have never been particularly renowned for their cameras. The Galaxy Nexus camera wasn’t bad and had that sexy zero lag shutter, but it still couldn’t keep up with other cameras. Even the competition wasn’t ready to take down the point and shoot empire that came before it.

All that may be about to change though. Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotroa stated on his Google+ page that the new Nexus phone cameras will be “Insanely Great”, whatever that means.

vic gundotra insanely great nexus camera

In the past Nexus devices weren’t really looking to take market share by storm. They were instead supposed to be a good reference device for the newest Android firmware version. It might have a few new innovative features, but most of the allure came from a stock Android OS, not necessarily the performance of the phone.

With the last batch of Nexus devices, Google made a switch from nerd / dev oriented devices to consumer oriented devices that made full use of their ecosystem. This obviously needs to include a killer camera, so it’s no surprise that Google is really pushing the low points of previous devices now.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next Nexus has in store for us. If the X-phone rumors are any indication, this is going to be a major player for android when it launches.

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