Apple iPhone 5s / 6 Motherboard Leaked! A7 Chip Revealed? Or Is It Another Hoax?

Apple iPhone 5s / 6 Motherboard Leaked! A7 Chip Revealed? Or Is It Another Hoax?

Apple iphone 5s 6 a7 chip motherboard

It seems like the iPhone 5 just came out and already there are leaks for it’s predecessor.

It is unclear at this point whether the next iPhone will bear the 5s or 6 name, but details are surfacing about the nature of the phone already. The picture above, found on PocketNow, shows a brand new Motherboard design containing an “A7″ chip. The rumored details about the chip are saying that this will be a slightly slower 1.2ghz quad core offering with a quad core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics chip included and 2GB of RAM. If you’re confused, all this means is a quad core processor, new quad core graphics, and more memory. The phone should run faster.

The picture above is already thought to be a hoax, as it’s not that difficult to photoshop the 6X in to a 7 with the right level of experience. However, the rumors are what is interesting about this leak. People seem to think that the new internals of the next iPhone will STILL not match the competition in Android / Windows phones.

iPhones are becoming extremely dated. While Apple might not have needed to focus on silly specifications in the past, the time is rapidly coming where just being an Apple product isn’t going to be enough. They’re going to need a killer feature.

Thankfully this image is faked. There is no indication here that the next gen iPhone will be anything worth buying. I’m more curious to see what apple can do to actually compete this next time around. With the Galaxy S IV coming out soon and the HTC One set to be announced tomorrow, the reasons for buying Apple are diminishing as quickly.

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