SwiftKey Flow and SwiftKey Main App To Join On February 23rd

SwiftKey Flow and SwiftKey Main App To Join On February 23rd

Swiftkey flow beta

Good news for all you SwiftKey fans out there – A new version is coming soon with Flow in tow!

For anybody that doesn’t know, SwiftKey is a very popular android keyboard replacement that is based on active word prediction. Recently, they released a beta version of the app which incorporated Swype-esque gesture typing.

The very observant Reddit user Gawdl3y pointed out tonight that the SwiftKey Flow beta will be expiring on the 23rd of February. On that date, users will see a message onscreen telling them that the functionality has been merged with the main app and is available on the play store.

Gesture typing has been a huge hit since Swype bundled their version with old Galaxy S phones. Since their version, others have desperately tried to best them at their own game. Most notably, HTC and Stock Android have incorporated gesture typing. Swype seems to have fallen off the map, so there has been a hole for people who want to draw out their messages.

Will SwiftKey be the keyboard you have been waiting for? I don’t know. Stock Android includes all the best functionality of SwiftKey (word prediction, gesture typing) and comes pre-installed on most phones. It’s not perfect so maybe the new version of SwiftKey will show it what’s up.

Source – Reddit

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