Sony PS Vita Gets Price Cut In Japan

Sony PS Vita Gets Price Cut In Japan

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Sony Japan announced tonight that they will be significantly cutting the price of their Vita units in Japan. Formerly 25,980 Yen for the Wifi model, the new price makes both the 3g and wifi units a mere 19,980 Yen. This equates to about 1/5 off the price for the Wifi unit, and 1/3 for the 3G.

In addition to the cheaper price, buyers will also get a bunch of deals and discounts included for things like playstation plus, the sony music store, and the sony ebook store.

It seems strange that the WiFi and 3G versions would be the same price, but there might be some carrier / contractual restrictions involved there (similar to the treatment in the US).

Why the price drop? Many people seem to think this has something to do with the big announcement later this week. Supposedly the PS4 will be announced and possibly there might be some cool Vita replacement / integration announced at the same time.

The announcement is on this Wednesday in New York and London. All will be revealed soon.

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