New Sony PS4 Controller Revealed In Patent – Called EyePad?

New Sony PS4 Controller Revealed In Patent – Called EyePad?

Sony EyePad Patent Controller


Well Well Well. What do we have here? A new PlayStation 4 Accessory? Possibly?

According to a report over at Engadget, This is an image from a patent application by Sony. The patent is for a slate / tablet device that incorporates cameras and touch for a SERIOUSLY in depth player experience.

The details of this controller are very neat. The device has six-axis gyroscopic functionality for motion control but also incorporates 2 stereoscopic cameras for image tracking. The stereoscopic cameras allow the device to recognize a 3D field and objects within, which would allow for very kinect/ps move-esque tracking abilities.

While nothing is confirmed, the patent was found RIGHT around the same time as the PS4 launch. It’s coincidental, and would make for a great add on for the PS4, but could be part of another project they’re working on. PS Vita 2? Maybe?

One thing that has to be a joke is the name of the device. On the patent, it’s called the EyePad. This is either a very terrible joke, or Sony really strapped for naming ideas. I bet if they tried, they could do better.

The big announcement is this upcoming week. Stay tuned for coverage on that.

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