Google Opening Retail Stores In 2013?

Google Opening Retail Stores In 2013?

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Rumors surfaced this week stating that the search giant Google is planning on mimicking bitter rival Apple and opening a chain of retail stores later this year.

In recent years, Google has really made a push forward with their own operating systems, Chrome OS and Android. They have typically had certain devices which Google markets itself, as the devices are built to THEIR specifications. The Nexus line of devices on Android, and a select few chromebook / chromebox computers fall in to this category.

Since these operating choices are taking off, it makes sense that Google would try to offer a place where you could buy the devices without carrier / big box interference. The devices could be sold at cheaper prices because they do not need to focus on carrier fees or retail margins. They could just sell services and devices.

At the moment, though, it seems like Google would have to include other devices than just their nexus and google branded items. There are simply not enough items to justify the rent and floor space of a retail store. Likely Google would highlight their own devices, but still sell carrier branded phone and contracted plans.

Hopefully a little ways in to the future, they will have enough devices under their own name to make an exclusively Google store. Even with other NON nexus devices it might be nice to have a google store. Customers could walk in and receive support or instruction on their device, available services, or accessories for the phone. Google is really trying to become the biggest player in the market and this might help them gain a bigger foothold in the market.

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Plus, how cool would it be to say “lets go to the google store”?

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