Skype video messaging on iOS (tested on iPhone 5) review

Skype video messaging on iOS (tested on iPhone 5) review

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Video messaging is now possible on Skype. We reported earlier that the Skype would be updated with a video messaging compatibility across platform. However, windows version of the Skype is at the moment excluded. Video messages can be received but windows version Skype cannot send video messages.

I’ve tried the Skype for iPhone with the latest video message function. Click on the icon above and there you will be able to choose options like “voice call”, “video call”, choose video message and then start recording a video on both front and rear camera as you wish. After that you can add text and titles on the video before hitting the send button at the bottom.


The video messaging function is not free. As a free user of Skype you can only send no more than 20 pieces of video messages unless you upgrade to a premium user.


Video messaging is a new lead in the technology industry. Although it isn’t something fresh, it is now mature in terms of the convenience and ease of use of the interface. It goes very smooth too in uploading and downloading video messages.

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