Free Infinity Blade is cool, but not optimized for iPhone 5.

Free Infinity Blade is cool, but not optimized for iPhone 5.


I think before Apple makes the Infinity Blade App of the week, they have missed something important – the screen size of this free infinity blade is not optimized for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch retina display. Just like any other games that are aged and deserve no further upgrades. Apparently, apple hasn’t paid attention to the fact that app of the week has a very valuable promotional purpose, in which they shouldn’t have missed the screen compatibility of their latest model of iPhone.

From the screenshots of my gameplay, you can see that there are two obviously awkward gaps because I am using an iPhone 5. If you are iPhone 4S or below users, you won’t see such a problem.


Besides the marvelous gameplay brought by epic games in the infinity blades, they should have fixed and optimized this application for iPhone 5. I might just take a few steps to fit the screen size. If people like it, they will certainly buy the infinity blade II which is iPhone 5-ready in terms of screen optimization


Anyways, the sound effects and the graphics in the unreal engine firstly introduced when iPhone 4 came out were really outstanding. If you haven’t downloaded Infinity Blade, please try it out. If you are iPhone 5 users, sorry for the screen size. We have reported on some other famous games like Zombie Cafe that has frequent updates but missing out the screen size optimisation for iPhone 5.

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  • Ryan Tran

    i wish they optimize the app already

  • Mark Wright

    I am unable to get any sound at all from the game (iphone 5) and have restarted my phone multiple times; can anyone help?