A New Generation Lithium-ion Smartphone Battery that Charges in 10 Minutes

A New Generation Lithium-ion Smartphone Battery that Charges in 10 Minutes



We’ve always got problems when our smartphone batteries only live for not more than a day due to enhanced hardware like faster CPU, RAMs, larger display, Internet Activities on 3G or 4G LTE networks…etc. The short-lived lithium-ion battery we are using right now cannot cope with the daily needs of people in contrast with the ever-changing and demanding hardware specification on smartphones. Like my iPhone 5, normal use on the 3G network will not exceed 6 hours. I have tested this many times and the battery of iPhone 5 really doesn’t conform with what we expect. 6 hours a day is obviously not enough for a working person who might not bring their chargers to their office.

Now, researchers in USC (University of Southern California) have developed a next generation lithium-ion battery that features a quick charge. This whole-new battery design will become available in the consumer market within two to three years. (Isn’t it still taking too long?)

“It’s an exciting research. It opens the door for the design of the next generation lithium-ion batteries,”

Professor Zhou is the professor who leads a team of graduate students Mingyuan Ge, Jipeng Rong, Xin Fang and Anyi Zhang as well as Yunhao Lu of Zhejiang University in China attempted to use silicon in battery anodes. There were problems with the previous silicon anode designs because the battery is not sustainable enough.

They have been trying to experiment porous silicon nano-wries these days which lets the lithium-ion to diffuse in and out the battery more quickly with outstanding performance. However, Zhou said the nano-wires are difficult to manufacture.

Zhou’s academic team are looking at available nano-particiles-tiny silicon spheres on the market that can be substituted of the aforementioned difficulty.

Source: Times of India

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