Zombie cafe not made for iPhone 5?

Zombie cafe not made for iPhone 5?


Beeline’s best selling social game zombie cafe ( it was formerly owned by capcom) has many updates and big fixes over time. But what is wrong with their iPhone 5 compatibility? They have got several updates after Sept last year but they still have missed the fact that their game doesn’t support the screen size of iPhone 5. I am a regular player of this game but I getting annoyed by the two dark gaps on my iPhone 5 and sometimes it does crash when I raid others cafe.

Beeline should show their sincerity in keeping their product up to date so as to make players satisfied. Honestly I tried several times to dump this game because it looks awkward and ugly on my iPhone 5 screen.

Many games like this have released update to feature some screen fix for iPhone 5’s 4-inch retina display. Some of them just fill the bars with some background and some might add some pictures to fully utilize the longer screen. Why can’t beeline work on such a simple task?

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