Vertu Ti announced – luxurious $10,399 USD smartphone runs on Android 4.0!

Vertu Ti announced – luxurious $10,399 USD smartphone runs on Android 4.0!


After being sold to another British company by Nokia, Vertu was rumored to be using windows mobile 8 a their operating system in the upcoming models. The windows mobile OS Vertu rumor was busted until they have recently released their Vertu Ti model. Android 4.0 is confirmed on their latest models.

Well before actually telling you the hardware specification of the Vertu Ti, let us inform you of the price of it. Why? Not everyone is affordable given this phone is sold at $10,399 USD. It is at the moment the most expensive android cell phone now. The 184 parts of this phone is assembled by one British highly skilled worker. It is surrounded by a 5-class titanium case and a 3.7 inch sapphire-made display. Obviously, it is not the software and hardware. That matters to the unaffordable price, it is the material that this phone is made of that matters the most.


Just like their older models, Ti will have Vertu’s “concierge” button that connects you to the hotline that helps you solve problems. Speaking of the hardware specification, the Vertu Ti uses a 1.7 Ghz duo core processor, 1GB AM, 8 mega pixel camera and NFC transmitter. The reason why they don’t use Windows phone 8 is that the market share of windows is pending improvement.

If you think a Ti still doesn’t match your prestigious identity, Vertu also has a more luxurious model called Black PVD titanium Red Gold Mixed Metal version, from the name you can ess how much it is, it is sold at $21,000 USD. The Ti will be sold at their 500 authorized shops around the world.

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