Skype to add video messaging very soon. Windows is excluded in the first release?

Skype to add video messaging very soon. Windows is excluded in the first release?


Microsoft owned Skype and they were very ambitious in using this brand to make more of it. In march 2013, all MSN accounts will be integrated to Skype and MSN will stop service by then. Starting Friday, Skype will add this feature to iOS, android, and Mac of the latest version of Skype. Those Skype versions without this function will still receive video messages.

Skype didn’t explain why windows isn’t the first platforms to be released the video messaging feature. Maybe the reason is that the hardware specification of windows devices are very hard to determine. Some PCs might have Skype installed but without a web camera therefore they can’t send videos out. However, iOS devices, android devices and Macs all have a quite unified hardware specifications that include a front camera or iSight camera, therefore video messaging is possible in these devices. Although Microsoft or Skype didn’t give any explanation to why windows won’t get the latest video messaging feature, it is till quite obvious that they want to avoid misunderstandings.

Skype claims that windows-powered PC will get the video messaging feature by late April.

Video Messaging is in early release for testing in several markets for Android, iOS, and Mac with functionality to send and receive video messages,” said a spokesman. “Users in these markets across all Windows desktop and mobile platforms can receive messages, too. We will have send capability in Windows by end of April.”

Video messages can be up to 3 minutes in length and its available in US and UK in limited devices.if we get the sneak peak of it in Hong Kong we will let you know when it’s ready.

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