Old, second hand iPhones can still earn money for Apple – said Gazelle CEO

Old, second hand iPhones can still earn money for Apple – said Gazelle CEO


iPhone was a stock booster and main source of income of Apple inc sine its launch few years ago. Many of the iPhone 2Gs iPhone 3Gs have already been retired because people in developed countries like US and UK update their cell phones quite often. Most of us are holding at least iPhone 4 now. So where do these old phones go? I don’t suppose you will just simply throw them into trash. U can sell these old devices to eBay, other recyclers or even Craigslist the old phones. If you whose the repair and resale service like gazelle, these old phones will be refurbished and sold to other countries, like China and Vietnam.

Gazelle CEO Israel Ganot said that 40% of the old iPhones they bought will be sold to mainland China or Vietnam. They sold these phones at around $299 USD without rate plans in these developing countries. It is almost half-price of an ordinary iPhone sold at full price. Some may think that this may harm the profit of Apple, but Gazelle holds an opposite opinion. They opined that although the resell price is a lot lower than normal, that doesn’t mean the second hand users won’t login to iTunes Store and spend money on it. Old iPhones can therefore still earn money for apple until one day they go out of order and hardware repair services become unavailable (no more parts to be replace). Users will still go to itunes to buy movies, musics, ringtones, applications. The marketing value of old iPhones can also be considerable, they introduce iPhones and Apple to new markets in less developed countries. Not only it helps apple to earn money from new clients, but it also stimulates the growth of mobile accessories like phone case, earphones, screen protectors…you name it.

So if you want a new phone, you may want to support those recyclers and sell your iPhones or android phones to them. They will bring your iPhones to a new users in need who lives in the other part of the world.

Source: unwire.hk

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