More Pictures Of Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked

More Pictures Of Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked

PS4 Controller


Things sure are approaching the realm of reality at Sony again. Another, more clear image of the new PlayStation 4 controller leaked today across the web. The new image is just showing the same controller as seen before, but at a different angle. In this image, it looks slimmer and more like the old dual shock. The other image made it look a little bit chunkier than usual.

This is apparently a wired only model. There is also some sort of headphone jack at the bottom of the device, probably for a keyboard or headset expansion.

Also, I failed to mention it before, but I think the light at the top bears a striking resemblance to the material used in the glowing ball on the PlayStation MOVE controller add on. Maybe that’s a sign that the controller will have real time motion tracking abilities?

The new console is expected to be released next week. The excitement in the blogosphere is palpable.


Sony PS4 Controller

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