Sony PS4 Controller Prototype Image Leaked!

Sony PS4 Controller Prototype Image Leaked!

Sony PS4 Controller


As February 20th grows near, the PS4 rumors are being thrown in to overdrive. The device becomes more of a reality with every rumor or leak.

This time, we have apparent VISUAL PROOF that the device is entering it’s final stages of development. Ladies and Gentlemen – this might be the first look at the new PlayStation 4 controller.

The image lines up with previous rumors, making it appear as though the rumors and this image might be official. The new controller greatly resembles it’s dual shock predecessors, but with the addition of a new large black panel in the middle. This panel coincides with rumors that the new controller will feature a touchpad for greater degrees of player interaction.

Very interestingly, it seems that the analog sticks have been redesigned. They seem like they would offer a greater degree of control due to a ridge circling the head of the stick. It would probably provide more grip, making it harder for your thumb to slide off the stick.

What do you think? Do you think this is the next generation PlayStation controller evolved, or do you think Sony should have gone another route? Lets us know in the comments or on Twitter / Facebook / Google+.

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