Opera Buys Skyfire Labs. Another Competition Turned Partnership

Opera Buys Skyfire Labs. Another Competition Turned Partnership

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It sure has been a busy week for Opera, everyone’s favorite underdog browser!

Earlier this week, it was announced that they would be switching away from their proprietary rendering engine and adopting the quick and popular WebKit engine instead. In addition, they announced they would be contributing to the chromium project.

Today, they announced that they have just purchased popular competitor Skyfire. They wish to utilize Skyfire’s impressive video technology in future versions of their own browser. Skyfire is a very social oriented browser on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), and is one of the last browsers available with TRUE Flash plugin support. It’s video technology is second to none, and can actively analyze the video stream quality on users devices.

No telling yet what Opera has planned with all of their new pieces but one thing is for sure – They are making big moves. They have a lot of ground to cover to be on a level playing field with Chrome and Firefox, but hopefully these moves will give them a big push in the right direction. I sure will be watching them with interest.

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