iOS 6.1 Lock screen loopholes revealed.

Users of iOS 6.1 found a security issue regarding the lockscreen with a passcode lock of iPhone. In this situation, people with bad intent could bypass the lock screen and the passcode lock to get into your contact information. To make things worse, hackers could actually edit and make calls with this security loophole.

This is a very easy breach of the lockscreen. Videosdebarraquito discovered this problem with iOS 6.1 and put this on YouTube. What you have to do in order to bypass the passcode is you need to press the emergency calls and press the shut down key for twice. This breach has to be done with certain practice and techniques in handling the moment of shutting down the device. This breach is proved to be real by numerous netizens. Unfortunately, Apple’s latest firmware upgrade iOS 6.1.1 hasn’t noticed this issue, therefore, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users are victims of this loophole. We truly hope that Apple can fix this problem ASAP.

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