Enhance your messaging and system security using Naver LINE app.

Enhance your messaging and system security using Naver LINE app.


LINE officially announces two ways of fighting spams and scams in their messaging app which is getting popular day by day.

Firstly, LINE declared that Naver has no business cooperation with any third party businesses. LINE, therefore, will not ask for personal and private information via any official accounts to any users. Users are strongly advised not to leak their personal information to anybody through the LINE app.

If you find out that your account is being spammed, the best way to avoid this is not to delete and re-create one. LINE ensures a safe environment for users. When users receive any unidentified contacts’ incoming messages it will automatically add two buttons on top of the chatbox where you can block or report spam to the LINE. Naver said they will collect information regarding spams and scams or phishing and delete that account once the source is identified. Therefore, next time when you receive doubtful messages, do not reply them or disclose any personal information like your name, ID no., phone number… Etc. report to the LINE.

Source: LINE Facebook fan page

LINE has also been eager to expand its android line of apps. We know that an open source platform like android is prone to virus and adwares attacks. LINE recently released its own security application that helps you detect malicious and susceptible third party processes in your android phone. It is nothing new but they add some of their signature sticker icons into the antivirus application they built for android. Fans of LINE might want to get one, so that on one hand you feel safe having LINE security to protect you, one the other hand you get another cute app that is designed and developed by LINE.

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