Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Samsung smart watch confirmed along with Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 is alma it confirmed for a mid-2013 launch. Samsung has code-named the the S4 to be project J. In fact there are actually two more products to be included in this J project, which is project J Mini Serrano and Project J Active Fortius which are products that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The S4 also has a nice and literal code name – Project J Altius. It has already got a model number GT-I9500. The S4 mini can share accessories with the S4. At the moment there are also some rumors suggesting that wireless charging us possible for both of the devices. In response to Apple’s iWatch rumors, Samsung dedicated its resources to work on smart watch product line.

After the huge success last year with its Note 2, Samsung has more ambitious plans to release more creative products to shake the market and infiltrate the market share of apple. Obviously, even with the patent dispute, Samsung can still hold up against the US corporation with its brave and unprecedented creativity.

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