HTC One / M7 Images And Teasers Found Online

HTC One / M7 Images And Teasers Found Online

HTC one teaser


HTC has released a clock on their site that is counting down to February 19, 2013. Every one that shows up is highlighted so that plays in to previous rumors that the M7 will be now called the HTC One.

I’ve already stated how the “One” name may blow up on HTC’s face, but they now seem pretty committed to the name. In addition to these rumors pointing to the name, new images have been found around the web that show what might be the final design. These press release type images show a new mockup of the device in question:

HTC One Press Render


While this render does look like something that would coincide with the Images from the CEO appearance, there are still some issues that keep me from believing that these are official.

The biggest one is that there are only TWO hardware buttons. There is no multitasking menu and no menu button. There is only the back and home keys. This MIGHT be an intentional decision though. If HTC put the multitasking menu as a long press home button action, then it would eliminate the need for a dedicated key. In addition, every ICS / JB HTC device has had an onscreen menu key. It still seems like a strange decision.

All will be revealed on Feb 19th. Time to be patient

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