Apple iWatch in research and development stage

Apple iWatch in research and development stage


A lot of iPod nano users actually used their iPods as a watch. Apple knows this and they of course know how big the market would be if they bring watches to the iFamily. Renders of iWatch seem to be realizing given apple has already pooled some human resources into researching and developing this product. Businessinsider revealed that apple has deployed up to 100 staff including designer, sales representatives, hardware and software engineers to work on this rumored product. Achim Pantforeder and James Foster are found to be project manager of the iWatch.

iWatch will have a great change from the old generation iPod nano. Since apple is also researching on curved glass display and OLED, the iWatch is highly expected to be a curved design running on iOS. Nike also knows about his product because it is in the commission. Nike developed its app for iPod nano for fitness purpose and its app will certainly return on iWatch.

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