Android version whatsapp to have a new interface.

Android version whatsapp to have a new interface.

The most popular messaging platform whatsapp is now a bit too outdated – uninteresting user interface, no stickers, dull emoticons… Etc- all these Make people want to change to a new platform so much. To keep its customer who paid or will pay $0.99 per year for subscription, whatsapp is trying to secretly do something to gain more support. The latest beta release of the android app of it has a new user interface, matching the holo guidelines that android phones use. Google + user Jose Luis de la Torre screenshot the following photos:




So actually what they are trying to do is to enhance the look and feel of the whatsapp messaging platform on android to make it feel more natural to android users. There’s no big change overall except changing the theme color and the chat boxes sizes.

Whatsapp hasn’t been updated yet on android google play store. Download it for a trial for one year and $0.99 for every year after.

Some thoughts about the latest facelift of the android whatsapp? Still I haven’t changed my position over whatsapp. Whatsapp was a pioneer in doing messaging using data networks. LINE, Wechat, ChatON and other apps follow this model and created their own messaging and social networking platform. By doing so whatsapp can gain some attention but I doubt its sincerity. As a pioneer the only thing whatsapp has over other apps is the social bonds and networks built on it earlier before other competitors came in. People don’t pay $0.99 a year for no reason: they have to continue using it to connect with existing networks. If it had not been earlier in the beginning, such backward messaging app would definitely be surpassed and replaced with LINE and Wechat, those who have more creative ideas in doing messaging.

Source: android police

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