Taiwan Developed Transparent Smartphone Prototype

Taiwan Developed Transparent Smartphone Prototype



A Taiwan-based small scale company – Polytron – successfully developed the first transparent smartphone in the world. Other than memory unit, battery…etc, the whole cell phone is actually transparent.

At the moment the hardware of this transparent cell phone is completed. It has a 3.2 inch display, two units of lithium battery, LED lights and a 5 mega pixel camera. It supports microSD card and charges via microUSB. What they don’t have right now is the software for it. It is believed that this transparent gadget is to be finished by end of this year.

Manger of Polytron said that their transparent design has attracted interest from firms in Korean, US, who might be buying their technologies in the future. Polytron spent 8 years studying and developing the transparent module. The greatest difficulties include ocercoming transparent OLED display and extremely thin battery.

Some thoughts after reading the latest news about a transparent phone – we also need transparent parts in it, don’t we? It looks very great to have a transparent display but the point is the parts like memory card, battery, CPU are still clearly visible. If we can’t hide these things, how are we going to bring this transparent phone out? If so, we will like be taking out a plastic box with some strange electronic parts fixed on it. Well, I kind of doubt the future of this phone except the transparent OLED panel. Many Sci-Fi films make us imagine that we don’t need to have a physical cell phone in the future, like projecting the screen, implanting cell phone chips into our bodies. Seldom do we see a half-way between a completely invisible phone and a visible phone like this – a transparent but visible phone.

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